From 13 years old: DAY CAMPS (Sport + Spanish or Robotics)
From 10 years old: HALF DAY CAMPS (Sport or Spanish or Robotics)

Barcelona is a beautiful city but it's also an excellent place for culture, sport and recreation: History, Art, best museums, variety of sports and fun and...the oportunity to experience the Spanish culture and language. All together!!
Add to the confidence and self esteem your child will devellop that he/ she will be also improving his/her Spanish skills and making Spanish friends that they can keep for a lifetime.

If you are in Barcelona with your kids, contact us to create your child's customized summer program while you are enjoying your vacation in Barcelona.
Choose between our Spanish Programs or our Sport Summer Camps or
a combination of both. This is a quality offer for your kids summer in Barcelona!

We offer a variety of sport camps and summer programs, so each of your kids choose his/her option. To enrol, just email us when summer dates are close (by the end of May, early June...)
to find out more about our fantastic camps.
Those boys and girls who are in Barcelona with their parents or tutors can join our your summer sport camps according to their group age. New participants join us every Monday during our youth summer programs period. The cultural activities and excursions are different every week.
Spanish classes are organized by the teachers according to the students levels and dates.

So, in July, while you and your family are in Barcelona enjoying your vacation, keep your kids active and learning Spanish through a Half Day Program or Day Program. Your son or daughter will improve their level of Spanish while they enjoy their favorite Sport Camp.

Choose your Sport Camp,week by week:
SWIMMING (competitive levels only) or WATERPOLO

.From 10 years old: HALF DAY SPORT CAMPS
According to your kid's age and option of Sport he/she will be mixed, once at the camp, with Spanish boys and girls of similar age and level. Choose to join the Soccer/Football or the Basketball Camp through a Half Day Program with daily training in the mornings.
Or join us for Tennis Camp with daily trainings in the afternoons.

From 13 years old: DAY CAMP
(Sport + Spanish or Robotics)
(with Spanish or Sport Camp or Robotics)

Choose the Sport Summer Camp AND Spanish Classes according to their group age and level.
Check below some of the options including a Sport Camp we offer every summer:

SWIMMING (only competitive levels) & SPANISH

If your son or daughter prefers to learn and improve his/her level of Spanish as much as possible and also meet new friends from different part of the world, then, the perfect SpainBcn-Program is SPANISH IMMERSION & CULTURAL SUMMER FOR TEENS

The enrolments for SpainBcn-Programs DAY or HALF DAY PROGRAMS
(summer programs without accommodation) are not open until late May. Please contact us any time after late May/early June.

* It is also possible to participate in a different camp each week of your summer program with us.
Just inform us about your preferences/requests when enrolling in the program for your first week.